Summer Dispatch

Thought i would take a second to update the blog with some tales from our summer beach vacation. So far everyone is having a great time and becoming more of a beach kid each day. We kicked things off with Silas' first airplane ride, and the first one in which Henry was able to really talk about and understand what was happening. Henry did really well on the flight, especially since we accidentally left his carry-on with all the games and toys i had bought for the flight, in the trunk of the car. Silas slept basically the whole time, and we made good time getting our luggage, getting everyone changed and refreshed and into the car for the 3 hour drive on to the beach.

Silas has been a little fussier than normal and not sleeping all that great, but i'm hoping that since we're here for two weeks he'll settle into a new routine soon. We've been jet skiing (on the "boats" as Henry calls them), to the pool, the park and the beach. In just a few days Henry has gone from tentatively walking in the sand to playing along the shore getting his feet and legs wet. He's gotten several new trucks which he's very excited about and he can't get enough of Gran and Nonna's front-loading washer and dryer-- seriously, he watches them like tv.

My Grandmother and Aunt (GG and Aunt Tammie) got in yesterday and we're all off to a baseball game tonight!


Anonymous said...

What fun and love the pics!Hugs! Oma

Kathy said...

It sounds like you are having a wonderful time! I can't believe how big and alert Silas is already. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.