Potty Training

I think since i've been posting less frequently i've forgotten to updated on how much progress Henry has made with potty training. The whole experience has been very gradual which was different than i anticipated but at this point he wears underwear all day, including at nap, and will tell you when he needs to go.

He also wakes up at night and tells you when he needs to go and we think he's getting pretty close to transitioning to underwear at night too, but we're waiting awhile on this to make sure he's really ready.

Between Henry being out of diapers and Silas 100% in cloth (Brenda started letting us send cloth to school for him) we're currently free of diaper expenses which is awesome!

I just wanted to mention that the shirt Henry is wearing in the previous post was a loaner from his friend Kerala-- who's 11 months old! I think it might be a little big for her, and it was definitely too small for Henry, and a tad feminine with the rainbows and slightly puffed sleeves, but he refused to take it off until bed.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe Henry is almost potty-trained. It seems like he was born not too long ago! Great job you both are doing! Hugs, Sheree