How much longer is winter?

I remember being really smug last year because i made it all the way to April before getting spring fever.  My track record has improved a little each year-- less whining, later deployment of my long underwear, more acceptance of the weather.  I'm afraid that the linear development of my winter hardiness is going to go madly off the rails this year.  Last week we got a ton of snow-- around a foot all told and life just marched right along.  On Sunday night we got another 3 inches or so in about 2 hours.  Thankfully the sleet that was predicted came later and in the form of rain, but yesterday was marked by such dense fog that i felt like i was in the steam room at my favorite spa-- sans nice warm heat.  It's grey and supposed to rain more today, but that was okay because it's warmish (30s) but tonight, it's supposed to snow another foot in a major storm.  Seriously?  I'm about to stop whining because i know i do live in Chicago and all, but this accumulation of 8 inches here, another foot there, that doesn't melt but just adds up to lots of black gross snow is wearing on me-- when does spring start?
Adding to my winter woes is Silas' cold which he came down with on Sunday.  He ran a low-grade fever and slept fitfully enough so we kept him home yesterday.  Henry has a mild case as well but his seems confined to a stuffy nose.  Although Silas did not nap as long as we were all hoping yesterday, he slept like a champ through the night and seemed to be improving today.  I bundled them both off to school and hopefully that was the right decision. 
Because of Silas' cold, we temporarily suspended our room-sharing transition.  Which is too bad because by the end of last week i think we had turned a corner.  After some very stern talks with Henry, he finally went back to getting into bed and falling asleep rather than carrying on for an hour after he went down.  Hence, Silas slept much more soundly as well.  Depending on how Silas does at Brenda's today, we'll decide whether to keep him upstairs with us or bunk him back with Henry.


Anonymous said...

I think I hear some of Mom's voice coming thur in Henry's latest sayings. "That is a great idea" and the ever popular "I think not Mom!" Those are priceless. You guys are doing a great job with the boys. Keep up the good work we will see you soon. Gran

Colin said...

I do a little snow dance every night here in Colorado, and have been snowboarding my heart out, taking the kids sledding and tubing, and having a great time. So, if you're looking for someone to blame for your winter woes, I'm your man. Come visit us in Denver and we'll show you how to enjoy it!