Woe is Winter

I'll mostly spare you the weather-related whining, but seriously another 6 inches of snow and temps in the 40s this week? Really?

I'm headed to DC tomorrow morning early for a short overnight stay. Hopefully the boys don't cause too much trouble for JT. Considering it's 9 pm and both boys are awake despite repeated warnings, threats and one time-out, i'm not sure how well the morning is going to go.

Henry is enjoying his gym class more and more and is tackling physical feats i haven't seen him attempt before. He has these crazy yoga/breakdancing poses that he loves to show off. Between he and Silas there isn't much sitting down in the bath these days. Silas is quirky in that he tries out new moves in the slippery bath. He bear crawls, crawls, pulls up like a mad demon and tries to stand on his own. I've seen him crawl on all fours a couple times out of the bath, but primarily he's just content and faster at scooting. He is pretty much pulling-up everywhere and cruising around more. I wouldn't think he'd be walking anytime soon but he is making good forward strides toward in the right direction.

Music-making is another frequent event around our house--especially on weekends. Turns out JT should have been in marching band with his drumming skills and Henry favors the kazoo. Silas tends to rock out with the maracas.

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How fun-rock on! Oma/Sheree/Mom