Pulling-up and Museum Visit

Let's start with Silas. I know i haven't been posting as often as i could be, so i'll try to catch you up. We had a great visit with my parents this weekend and the weather actually cooperated-- there were a few 40 degree days in there-- of course we're paying for it now, with a high of 8 today and everything iced-over solid.

But, i promised news on Silas. He's now successfully pulliing up on a variety of things-- not all the time, but enough to know he *can* do it. It seems his planets have to be aligned just right before he'll pull on up past his knees-- sometimes he just scoots over, pulls up, and that's that. Other times he'll repeatedly pull to his knees and then lower, pull to his knees and lower-- and repeat. The great fun is that he's trying out some of his new skills in his crib. We often find him sitting up when he's done napping- or if he doesn't want to take a nap. We've also found him standing up throwing things out of his crib too. This is unchartered territory for us because Henry pretty much only stood once you came into the room to get him out and that was as recently as last summer. I'm thinking we may need to be looking for a crib tent if he makes any moves towards climbing.

He's also developing quite a little personality. He likes to dive bomb out of your arms to both try to get to the ground but also to throw you off balance-- he'll look back up and give you a coy smile. He's also a champion peek-a-bool player and laughs and laughs when tickled. He easily moves from his stomach to sitting and vice versa by getting in the crawling position, but if you put him in the crawling postion-- he'll just sit down and scoot-- his preferred method of transportation.

Silas is definitely in a bit of a mommy phase. When i'm in the room he wants my full attention and will loundly complain until he gets it. He also does this when i leave, but once i'm out of sight he's generally content with whomever. One exception which i'm so happy about-- is that when i bring him to Ms. Brenda's he exceitedly kicks his legs and isn't the least bit sad to see me go. I know some Moms have a hard time with this transition to the a beloved caretaker, but i can only see the positive-- makes going on to work that much easier for me.

Henry enjoyed his grandparents as much as always and we had a great visit to the nature museum. They have a butterfly room which seemed to be Henry's favorite (we made two visits) as well as a river waterway you can play in which he also enjoyed. It was fun to go and to see how differently he interacted with parts of the museum compared to our visit a year ago.

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