Birthday Boy

We're mid-birthday but with the way things are going lately i figured i should take the 3 seconds i have and provide an update.

Here's what's happened. On Tuesday i took Silas to the Doctor because a strange lump appeared in his groin. When you google "baby groin lump" everything is related to a hernia-- so off to the Dr. we went. Thankfully (Hallelujah!) it was not a hernia and simply a swollen lypmh node. She said that if he had had a GI thing that led to diaper rash that the nodes will often swell to keep out intruders-- basically to fight off infection. She told me what to look for with lypmh nodes gone bad but said that in this case we knew they were fully operational.

Then Tuesday night Henry woke up throwing up and with the lower GI stuff Silas had awhile ago. He ran a fever and was generally off his game yesterday and stayed home with me-- mostly laying down which told me he really wasn't feeling well. By the afternoon though he seemed to be doing better-- no fever, getting his energy back, so we had expected he would be able to go to school today. But alas, he woke up this morning and was okay but felt warm and as the morning went on and he got hotter we could tell he a) definitely had a fever and b) did not feel well. Jt made him birthday pancakes and he only ate 1 bite-- this was the confirmation diagnosis.

We're hoping that by Saturday he'll really be better so that he can enjoy his party. Although the forecast isn't great (thunderstorms and 60) we're hoping the weatherpeople are wrong and the kiddos get to play games outside.

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