Jungle Party

Henry and Silas' Oma and Opa joined us for a long weekend visit and were mucho help getting everything ready for Henry and Silas' birthday party. Especially with JT mostly down for the count, we took full advantage of the two able bodies. I have to say that i think the party was a success. The weather was cool and a little overcast, but nothing stopping little kids from playing outside some.

I had tried to prepare activities and organized games for the kids but somehow once most kids made an animal headband/mask free play pretty much ruled the party for the rest of the time. I did lead one round of jungle animal charades which was extremely amusing. I had cards with jungle animals on them and i would show one child the card and the idea is they would make sounds and act like that animal while everyone else guessed. Most of them would say the name of the animal outloud and if they needed help with the sounds and you whispered what an elephant sounds like they would repeat the sound in whisper form. Classic. After everyone had a turn-- and Henry had gone twice the kiddos were released back to playing. Guess we'll have to book a clown next year ;)

Henry got the cake i think he was hoping for-- chocolate with "lots of animals" and a dinosaur. It was huge, heavy and delicious. He was the recipient of some beautiful paintings, cards and drawings and one pass for hide and seek which he intends to cash in at his earliest opportunity. Although we didn't do gifts at the party, he got plenty of fun presents from family. He's already made use of his new paints (with drawings coming as thank-yous to many of you), he's been practicing spelling with his new magnetic letters and board-- playing grocery store with his scanner and shopping game, and reading the coolest pop-up books over and over and over that include sounds and tell you all about the ocean and night creatures. JT and I gave Henry and Silas a joint gift-- a wagon that seats both of them. Although it has seat-belts, i'm not sure Silas is ready for it just yet but i have a feeling by this summer he and Henry will be toodling around in it quite happily.

His presents were drawn out a few days and he received his wagon on Friday along with some additional gifts from Oma and Opa. He was very excited to say the least and immediately went out on a wagon ride with Opa bringing along his new curious George flaslight so "he could see." I think it was 6 pm but you never know when there's going to be a total eclipse.

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