Calamity Ensues

Let me start with the positive things about this weekend-- i managed to get both kids to take a series of individual and combined pictures in which their hair isn't too crazy and they are actually smiling. That is nothing to sneeze about. We had 60 degree sunny weather for both Saturday and Sunday which is also a blessing. And, i managed to make progress on my outdoor projects-- got the front yard turned over and all the grass pulled out by the roots. I also got about 1/4 of the parkway dug up which is where i hope to transplant the shrubs to once i dig them out of the front yard.

Now for the bad stuff. JT was hit by a car on his way home from work on Friday. The guy stopped which was good and JT only broke a wrist-- clearly it could have been much, much worse. He spent a good chunk of Friday evening in the ER (mostly by himself because i didn't want to bring the boys but thanks to Corey i did manage to get down there to spend about an hour with him) and got a temporary cast on his arm. He goes this afternoon to get a permanent cast put on hopefully for something like 3-4 weeks and not 6 weeks like we feared.

Then-- oh yeah the fun doesn't stop-- i dropped a big piece of plywood on my toes on Sunday afternoon. Here's a safety tip-- wear real shoes when doing any kind of work that might harm you-- house shoes just really don't offer much protection as it turns out. I initially thought they were broken-- and i'm waiting to hear back from my x-rays this morning, but now i'm thinking maybe they're just bruised. Bruised would be infinitely preferable because they should heal in about 7-10 days as opposed to several weeks for broken toes.

So, we're working through various Dr. appointments today and trying to figure out how we're going to make it through the week. We're calling in all the help we can get and our thankfully blessed with amazing friends that live closeby. The Smerry's came over last night and helped us make dinner and watch the kids. Tonight i think we're going to just order dinner and Tuesday our babysitter is going to come over just to be an extra pair of hands for the dinner/bath/bedtime rush.

So, clearly you'll forgive my lack of pictures. In a couple weeks i'll have some great professional ones to share. In lieu of flowers, please send positive thoughts to our family that no one else decides to cause any bodily harm :)

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Anonymous said...

WOW! Enough already. I'm glad the boys are well now. One thing at a time... Hope you and JT are getting better. And wishes for lots of patience to you!Hugs! Oma, Sheree,mom