13 Months/ 3 Years

Finally-- some pictures! Nice weekend although not terribly nice weather. First-- some landscaping updates: the raised bed Troy and i (and Henry) built last weekend. The dirt comes next weekend and the veggies shortly thereafter.

Then-- i finished tearing up the front parkway and transplanted the shrubs from the front yard, numerous hostas and put down umpteen bags of mulch. It's a bit of robbing Peter to pay Paul, but i've made way in the front yard for the new fence we're hoping to start next weekend and the grasses we'll be putting in at the end of May.

Silas had an up and down weekend-- mostly up but irritable and crying inconsolably after naptime today. Not sure what the problem was-- a walk around the block and dinner out helped even out his temperament. His front top and bottom teeth are finally making some headway.

Henry got to spend some time with "Troy-ee" cashing in the "hide-n-seek pass" Henry received for his birthday. We also wrung some enjoyment out of the super stormy Sunday with a visit from Tabitha, Helen and Carys. They enjoyed the basement quite a bit and had a hoot in the dress-up box.

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Anonymous said...

Wow you have really been working. The bed for your veggies looks great and the parkway with the mulch really looks nice. Hope the weather is good for your fencing project. Gran