Infrastructure Built

To say we've been busy these past few months has been an understatement. I think it's fitting that we managed to cap the major infrastructure projects on the last spring weekend/kick off to summer. I hope to spend more of the next three months enjoying the fruits of our labor, kicking around in the back yard, harvesting veggies and cut flowers, and enjoying the neighborhood park and pool.

This weekend Troy ended his neighborly indentured servitude and will make sure not to volunteer to "help" again. We did make quite a team though-- our veggie planting box is filled with dirt and now with seeds and plants, we have new trellis on the side of the house planted with ivy, and we completed the picket fence in the front yard on Sunday morning. I know it's not the standard arrangement but my at belated birthday BBQ we discussed with our other couple friends how nice it was to do such a major project with a friend instead of a partner. I'm not sure what it is about loved ones that can ratchet the pressure on a project-- but working with a friend enabled us to stay calm and trouble-shoot steadily. All of our friends agreed that we should form work teams for big projects from now on.

Henry and Silas had a great time at the BBQ. Silas made some progress on accepting the texture of grass and discovered that he LOVES the little slide we have in the backyard. The scary thing is he can just about climb up it and go down on his own-- someone has to be there to spot but he's about 90% independent-- and then eager to go again. He also took his first steps at the BBQ walking from Tiffany to my arms. It was just a few steps but he took them very confidently and of course hasn't seen fit to repeat it since. I'm pretty sure that when he decides to start walking he'll figure it out pretty soon, but right now he's still content to crawl around at the speed of lightening.

We closed out the weekend with a trip to the zoo and Henry and Silas were angelic babies the whole time. Sweaty and hot little angels, but i couldn't have asked for more. They both took long naps and just couldn't have been more cooperative today. Tomorrow we're back in the 50s and back to school. It's also hard to believe that in a month we'll be on our beach vacation.

Which reminds me, i didn't post last week because i was in Anaheim, CA for a conference. Professionally the conference went well and the boys did great with JT. Thankfully the day i left JT got out of his full cast into a split which made caring for the boys much, much easier. I brought home a few goodies but wouldn't you figure the free calculator from the conference has so far been the lasting hit and has earned a spot in the airplane carry-on for this summers' trip.

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Great blog- I liked getting caught up again. The fence looks awesome, and of course the elephant, too!