Although our early-spring accidents put a kink in our step, i'd say that JT and i have found our way back to some routines that work pretty well. Tonight was a perfect example. By 5:30 we were all home and started doing dinner prep in the kitchen. JT made a prep list for Henry and I and Henry helped me with all of tonight's dinner parts-- making the hot dog buns, prepping the green beans and potatoes, and suffering in solidarity while i chopped the onion.

JT fed Silas while we finished our prep and then i gave Silas a bath while we waited on our buns to rise. While i bathed both boys and shepherded Silas to sleep, JT cooked everything. Henry, JT and I ate dinner together and then after dinner got Henry ready for and off to bed. Post clean-up and a few loads of laundry later, i'm catching up on this post.

I wouldn't want to have the same cooking responsibilities in perpetuity, but for now the system works. Hopefully in another couple weeks we'll be able to go back to our tried and true systems where i just tell JT how delicious his cooking is, and that's the extent of my meal prep.

Speaking of systems-- this time systems breaking down. We found out on Tuesday that the babysitter we've been using regularly for over a year is quitting us. She's moved on to a more demanding job and i assume is just phasing out of babysitting. Which is understandable of course, but so, so sad. Not only was she great and so good and dropping in, taking over, and shooing us out the door but Henry loves her. She's going to be sitting for us a few more times but we're on the hunt for a new regular sitter. So if you're local and you've got tips-- feel free to send them my way.

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