Stream of consciousness

At this point we don't really notice it, but Henry keeps up a pretty animated level of banter anytime he's around people with whom he's comfortable. Today Henry and Silas and I headed for our monthly visit to the chiropractor. JT was already there (he's going for stuff related to his arm injury) and once Henry saw JT he just launched into run-on after run-on that paid no heed to linear thought. I believe it went something like-- Oh, dad! Hi, i need to go potty-- but i want to wait and read this dinosaur book. You read the dinosaur book to me, what's his name? why can't we play the dinosaur game? You make sure baby doesn't get my water-- i want some water, i have to go to the potty with daddy...etc.

It didn't strike me as unusual-- that's just the level of chatter to which we're acclimated. But, the receptionist was laughing about how Henry went from quietly looking at books to an uninterrupted stream of thoughts as soon as JT walked in the door.

Speaking of books-- i've mentioned several times that Henry is big into reading. He's also very interested in just about everything-- but lately a lot about the natural world. We got on the topic of the seasons and the role the sun plays in determining how long and warm, or short and cold are days are. I gave a simple explanation and then said-- i bet you'll get to learn all about the planets at school. To which Henry replied-- i don't want to wait to learn about planets at school, i want to learn about planets myself. So-- we made sure to fit in a trip to the library today and found several cool books about the sun, moon, and all the planets.

I've heard a lot of mothers with similarly aged kids mention how the younger one wants to do everything the older one does. We see that some with Henry and Silas-- if Henry has a toy Silas wants it, although about the time Henry starts to complain about how Silas isn't sharing-- Silas usually crawls off to something else that's caught his eye.

Silas does however have to have a book to look at in the car just like Henry. Lately he's taken to holding it up in front of himself-- usually upside down and babbling along as if he's reading the story.

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