14 Months, 2 Weeks/ 3 Years, 1 Month

So Silas is sick, poor thing. He's been congested off and on for the past week or so but the cold seems to have caught back up with him and this morning he had a fever. We kept him home and he went on to take 4 NAPS! Yes, that's right. Between that and his 102 temp after his afternoon nap we decided to get him into the Dr. In fact, he visited both the chiropractor and the Ped. in an effort to leave no stone unturned. His ears were clear which is what i was concerned about but his throat is all red and splotchy white. They took a strep culture but the immediate test was negative. They keep growing the culture and will re-test on Friday. Hopefully that one will also be negative and he'll be feeling better by then.

Henry is getting more and more excited as he looks forward to our trip to see lots of family members and to visit the beach. We've been stocking up on new bathing suits and flip flops and sunblock. We've even managed to get Silas to keep a hat on-- unfortunately so far the only one he'll wear is yellow and makes everyone think he's a girl. But, at least he's not sunburned!

Henry has also developed some new interests lately which build on things he already liked. He still enjoys some of the cartoons that he has been watching, but he's become pretty amazed by all the animal programs i've recorded for him. He watched a show about ants tonight and watched one about gorillas yesterday. He's also learned a little bit about the computer. He's often content just to type into a blank word document, but he's also discovered some of the games at pbskids.org and is figuring out how to operate a mouse-- we're still working on that one.

And the biggest news-- i think it's safe to say that we will have met the physical goals we set for Henry this summer. Tonight he pedaled himself around the block twice-- sometimes moving quite briskly-- both steering and starting and stopping himself. I was pretty amazed, dramatic progress in just a few rides. A was drawing hopscotch courts this evening and although Henry isn't hopping on one foot like she was, he was jumping with both feet-- forward, i would guess 4-6 inches. That was another huge goal for him and he seems to about have it marked off.

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