Summer is Here

I know i have a lot of catching up to do. I was away on business last week for a brutal training-- about 6:00 until 10:30/11 every night. It made for a short week and lots of quick prep for a big bbq we had Saturday. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate much and we wound up with a houseful of humid guests and 6 or 7 kids running around. A tad more intense than planned, but fun nonetheless. A few friends that hadn't been to our house before made the comment on the way out that we had a "fun house." That actually made my weekend.

Quite a few developments with Henry and Silas. Silas has been taking more frequent steps-- not like he's walking across the room by himself, but he's moving from one object to another with no hand-holds in between on his own initiation. He has just about mastered the slide- the only thing that gives him occasional trouble is getting his legs over the top before sliding down. I've also figured out that he has some words i hadn't clearly understood before-- yes, kitty, and i could have sworn he said cheese today. He's definitely been saying yes and kitty for awhile, but i guess i wanted to be really sure before "documenting" it.

Henry has made pretty good progress pedaling his bike. He's also jumping now, although we're still working on jumping with both feet--forward. He had so much fun playing in the pool with his friends and has been having a blast with Silas at the water table. We're looking forward to a summer of fun outdoors.

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