Vacation Week 1/ 15 Months

I'm sure i won't be able to catlogue all the events of our first week of vacation, but i thought i'd take the last few minutes of nap time to catch you up on our whereabouts and let you know what the boys are up to.

The biggest news is that Silas is walking! Just a few days shy of turning 15 months, he started walking on his own in long-distance bouts. He started by walking if you stood him up and got his attention with something in front of him a few steps. A day or two later he started walking on his own initiation and at this point he still crawls, but he's walking longer and longer distances on his own and the prospect of being confined in the stroller or carseat is even less appealing. Funny caveat though, we've nicknamed him "zombie baby" because he still walks with his arms right out in front of him.

Henry kicked off his vacation by spending three days solo with his Oma and Opa. By all accounts he had an amazing time, got to spend some quality play time with Coby the dog, and nicknamed the bear he acquired over there Coby Bear. He had unlimited access to running water in the form of their garden fountain which was pretty much bliss for Henry. And he got to ride his tricycle up and down (!) a hill in their neighborhood-- pretty exciting for a Chicago boy! Henry's been amazing at transitioning from all the various parts of the vacation. We said goodbye to Oma and Opa and the next morning he went by himself (with my parents) to the beach. I picked up JT and Silas at the airport and off to the beach we headed that night. The only thing Henry said was when he roused while i was putting Silas to bed at the beach after we arrived late Saturday night-- he asked if i was going to be there in the morning. I told him we were all together now and he's been as happy as a clam since.

Henry is not what i would describe a little fish-- but he's come a long way from last year. He has been routinely swimming in the big pool with Dad, having endless fun jumping in the waves along the shoreline at the beach, and playing in the little pools on the back patio.

Silas has been less interested in the general water-related activities vacationing at the beach has to offer. As soon as you get down near the ocean he whines and cries, tries to jump out of your arms back towards the safety of the sand and beach umbrella. After the first day he gott pretty content playing in the sand and knocking down Henry's sand castles. We've made some progress at the pool-- but he keeps coming back to his favorite activity of opening and closing the gate to the baby pool. I'm hoping that after another few visits that bloom will have wilted.

We just said goodbye to my aunt and grandmother and had a packed three days of pool, beach, jet skiing, and shopping. Henry said he wanted to go on the "boats this year so we got him a life jacket and he went out several times with me, Gran, and Nonna. It all went well until Gran went a little too fast and turned a little too sharply. Still, he didn't freak out-- just talked about being scared by the big wave. We're hoping for another week of hot but good weather and replenishing our sunblock supply every few days!

Few other things-- haircuts for both boys to start the week off, and all the pictures i've downloaded so far (but not culled) are oon picasa-- so help yourself!

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Karlo said...

Since you spent time in Japan, you might appreciate the fact that anime characters are fond of running with their arms straight-back. Perhaps after the zombie walk, S can do the anime ninja run.