Man, fevers are scary. We really lucked out with Henry (which is funny to say considering how many medical issues we actually did endure), and never had to struggle through high fevers. Silas' high fever seemed to break just before bed last night, but only after it seemed to go up and he was more lethargic and just unlike himself than normal.

We were outside and Henry was playing in the wading pool while Silas lay in JT's lap. I looked over at him and he was either falling asleep or having a small seizure. His eyes were rolling back into his head and his hand was twitching. I freaked out, picked him up and came inside and he started really crying. After talking with the nurse last night it sounded like he probably was falling asleep but i now have a thorough knowledge of what to look for with febrile seizures.

Today Silas had a lower temp-- around 99 or so and we're hoping with a lot of naps and some good sleep tonight he'll get over this thing.

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