Birthday Planning

From March 2009

I know i stopped abruptly last night. I had a lot of updates to provide and i literally ran out of steam. I've been having to work most evenings and after the dishes and a load of laundry are done that's just about all i can muster.

So, now i've got some time but i'm not sure i'll remember what updates i wanted to provide. Let's see-- oh yes birthdays! We're anticipating Silas turning 2 about a week from now. We're going to have a small celebration with family that night and i hope going to go to Monkey Island Saturday morning. We've got Kerala's birthday party that afternoon and i run the Shamrock Shuffle on Sunday so it's more than a full weekend.

Then two weeks later we'll be having our third annual "Chicago hot dog" party for both boys. Henry settled on a pirate theme and we've been having lots of fun researching ideas and brainstorming our own as well. We're looking forward to JT's parents visiting and being able to help us out with the party.

From March 2009

Silas is on schedule to get his ear tubes next Wednesday. We had his pre-op physical today and of course he's congested so we're supposed to keep an eye on it and come back in if the cough gets worse or he has a fever. Hopefully it will clear up on his own and he'll be able to go ahead with the tubes as planned.

I'm surprised it's taken this long but Silas is in a wicked "no" phase. We just recently passed out of the "mine" phase so i guess this is the logical progression. I have to say he says "no" in a really, really cute way. I need to start video-taping some things again. If i can find a few moments i'll try to post some video in the next few weeks.

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