We can almost taste the spring

From March 2009

Planting is still a long way off for us, but i did throw down some more grass seed in the backyard and we've hit a streak of high forties/low-fifties sporadically up into the sixties and seventies. We've all capitalized on any warm weather that's come our way by making frequent trips to the park, walking to dinner, and debuting the bubble train!

Silas is particularly obsessed with being outside and is often inconsolable when he finds out you're not going to the park. We decided to go out to dinner last night and while Silas rode in the stroller Henry walked the whole way there and back-- just over 2 miles. We had more than one conversation about trying to find enough energy but he did great. We're hoping to get him more and more comfortable walking long distances soon. It's almost hard to imagine a time in the somewhat near future when we won't need a stroller anymore!

From March 2009

The big news is that Silas has to get tubes put in his ear because of persistent fluid. He goes for his pre-op physical tomorrow and then gets the tubes put in next Wednesday the 25th. The surgery itself is very straightforward and only about 15 minutes, but the do use general anesthesia which of course we wish none of us had to go through again. Not only does the fluid lead to frequent ear infections, but a hearing test revealed a pretty profound loss of hearing in both ears due to the fluid. My understanding is that once the fluid is drained his hearing should return to normal and hopefully we'll see some improvements in his speech development.

From March 2009

I'll try to post more soon but i'm exhausted now so heading to bed. There are new pictures up in the March album on Picasa.

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