There will come a time when we can get out of the house

I know truly warm weather is awhile off. Chicago doesn't have much of a spring if you are looking for 60 degree days (although we're supposed to have one tomorrow). You have to be content with the 40s and 50s with some warmer days thrown in. But really, as long as you aren't silly enough to think you can stop wearing your coat, that's fine. We can definitely stop by the park on the way home from school or take bike ride around the block before getting dinner. We can certainly let the boys play in the back yard a bit on their own (as we peer frequently out the window.)

All of these things are coming, and we're excited. We do have to figure out what to do with transport options for the boys this year. Last summer Henry got to where he was completely proficient on his tricycle even without assistance. Silas was happy to ride in his wagon unless he was trying to touch the moving wheels. This year Henry is too big for the tricycle and Silas keeps exclaiming "mine!" when he sees it (that's a pattern with Silas of late.)

Clearly it's time to get Henry a bike. The only question is whether to go the traditional tiny kids bike with training wheels which essentially is like a tricycle or to go with a more European-style balance bike that actually allows to learn how to balance gradually. I know that the balance bike would be best physically for Henry-- but will he think it's as cool as the other boys at the park with spider man bikes? I'm not sure yet and i'm hoping we'll get a chance to see how strongly he feels about one type of bike over another as we're outside more in the next several weeks.

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