Gifts of the Week

Two gifts we received were particularly helpful in helping us manage the first week of parenthood. One is the "baby papasan" chair that we like to refer to as the "baby throne." It looks like your standard baby bouncer all done up in fluffy padding. It also plays music and vibrates but Henry appears to detest these features as much as we do so for us it's just a well-padded chair that allows Henry to sleep without pain from the reflux. We set it in his crib at night and during the day we can bring it out in the living room so he's near us while napping or while we're eating dinner or answering the phone or whatever. It's been a real lifesaver.

The other gift was a blank composition book that was given to me to record the details of Henry's comings and goings, as it were. I brought this to the hospital and was immediately glad i did as the nurses ask you every time they come in when he last ate, had a diaper change, etc. Trying to remember this stuff was impossible just after 3 hours so i started writing it down. JT and i referred to it as the log and recorded all the salient details for the first several days.

Then, i found out i was accepted to beta test trixietracker (trixietracker.com) the on-line baby tracking program being beta-tested by Ben McNeil of the Trixie Update (trixieupdate.com). So now we've got this amazing amount of data that we can easily update and add to with the touch of a button. Everything is beautiful designed and the site generates wonderful charts and graphs that keeps a data nut like me happy. But, if it weren't for my beautiful journal-- i would have missed all those first details!

BTW, i posted new pictures on the yahoo site for those that want to check them out.

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