38 Weeks

Holding on here at 38 weeks. I'm referring to this time as the "wider than i am tall" period which happens to us short girls at the end of the pregnancy. I remember noticing it when a few of my fellow short friends were at the end of their pregnancies and now i have most officially hit that period as well.

With two weeks to go, the baby could come at anytime, or not at all (before the 18th). Waiting and not knowing is not particularly easy for me, but really i'm trying to enjoy the time and the current nice weather and the start of baseball season (tonight!) I have doctor appointments tomorrow so we'll see if i'm making any more progress.

Although the baby was quite low at my last appointment i swear he's moved lower because a whole new world of strange aches and pressure have opened up to me. My bag is packed and most of my work projects are transitioned, so now we're just in a wait and see kind of holding pattern. Posted by Hello

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