Week 2

Tomorrow Henry turns two weeks old in the wee hours. The second week has gone so much better than the first week, but i just hate to make these kind of statements because i figure i'm setting us up for a bad night. I mentioned in my last post that i'm beta testing the trixie tracker to keep track of all of Henry's sleeping, eating, etc. details. At the top of this post you'll find Henry's sleep chart for the past 9 days. Yellow represents awake time and blue represents sleep. There might be some patterns in there, such as he does seem to sleep most of the night most of the time, but the days feel all over the map. I actually feel like i've been getting a really decent amount of sleep most nights-- the key is to go to bed early so that i start the night out with 2 hours of sleep or so before Henry's 11 or 12 o'clock feeding. JT stays up with him if he's fussy until this time, or comes to bed if he's actually asleep.

We went back to Dr. G this week and Henry was switched to a stronger medicine to really wipe out the reflux he has. It seems to be working and is much nicer because a) we only have to give it to him once a day (not in the middle of the night) and b) i believe Henry actually likes how it tastes, so giving him 4 ml of it isn't impossible. Also, at the doctor appointment Henry had grown 1 lb 3 oz in 1 week. We were surprised and the doctor was very happy. He's not quite so shrimpy anymore.

Finally, the gift being inducted into the gift hall of fame this week is the baby sling i was given at one of my showers. Henry is almost always fussy in the afternoons and early evenings and usually when i put him in the sling he quiets down quickly and falls asleep. We've been trying to get out and take a walk with him in the sling every day and so far it's worked like a charm. It took a little bit of doing to get the hang of getting him into it, but now it's my secret fussy combating weapon.  Posted by Hello

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