Waiting is the hardest part...

Depending on which doctor you ask, my due date is either today, tomorrow or Monday. I've used tomorrow to base all of my weekly assumptions on since it was the mid-point but have otherwise used Monday as my DD since it gives me the most time.

My last day of work was Friday and now i'm truly in this surreal time when all the plans i make are contingent upon me not going into true labor. All this uncertainty is hard on a girl though-- especially a structured girl like me. I've been having some cramping and very, very mild contractions all week and they seemed to pick up in strength yesterday so we were hoping that was really the start of something-- and it may be but i didn't seem to have any more activity last night and so far this morning nothings happening either. We know we're having a baby soon, it's just nerve-wracking not having a clue whether that means today or Tuesday or Friday. In the meantime i'm trying to stay as busy as possible without tiring myself out which is not an easy balancing act. I sincerely hope that soon i will have more exciting news to share!

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