17 Months, 2 Weeks, 1 Day

A pretty normal day back to routine for everyone. Normal except for the weather which has included hail and severe thunderstorms off and on throughout the day. At a little after 10 they've come back furiously, so i'm just hoping they don't wake Henry or keep him up.

The highlight of Henry's day (that i'm aware of) came this evening when Henry was helping JT unpack his new knife sharpener. Henry was extremely excited for the sheet of bubble wrap and was eagerly carrying it back and forth between rooms. I've mentioned before that it's amazingly cute to see him walking around carrying things. I think i love it so much because he's now independent enough to pick up things that interest him and animate them in ways that appeal to him. He'll hold a cloth napkin around his neck like a bib or try to pull a diaper over his head like a shirt. Sometimes he's all seriousness and others he just giggles at how he's being silly. It's really a cool part to see him making sense of his world.

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Anonymous said...

I love your apple orchard pics,from last year, too-I think because we used to go to apple orchards when JT and Eric were little! Hugs! Sheree