18 Months

I'm on a modified posting schedule for a bit. Between the baseball playoffs and trying to get to bed at a reasonable time, there hasn't been any time for posting in the evenings.

I didn't want to miss this post though, because Henry turned 18 months old yesterday. We've been saying he's 18 months for awhile now so in a way it's not a big adjustment, on the other hand it makes me keenly aware of how much he's grown and changed and morphed into this small child rather than a baby. I talked to his therapist yesterday and after this week (our appointment was moved to Friday) we're going to go to every two weeks and depending on how he does, to once a month check-ins. His therapist concurs that the progress he's made in the last few weeks is really quite miraculous.

We've been having so much fun with Henry lately because he "invents" these little games to play with us that have him laughing hysterically. With me, i asks me again and again to look away-- up, down, below the table, etc and then quickly look back at him and say "uh!" He thinks this is amazingly funny and will say his version of again over and over (it doesn't sound anything like again, but it clearly means more which sometimes he'll also sign if i'm not complying). With JT, Henry will pretend to touch something and JT will say "cold!" while vigorously bringing his shoulder to his ears as if he was shivering. Oh the giggles with that one.

Here is Henry wearing JT's hat which he also found a hoot...

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Kathy said...

Wow! Henry looks so grown up in the picture. I'm very happy to hear about his progress too. Keep up the good work!