18 Months, 6 Days

The first item to relate is a proud parenting moment i had on Friday. I picked Henry up from daycare and Brenda said something along the lines of "everyone loves Henry he's so sweet." I made a comment that it's true, except when he's throwing tantrums. She told me that "yes, but he's so good!" and then proceeded to tell me how he got upset today and threw himself down on the floor and burst into tears. She went right to him and said "Henry, no we don't do that" or something similar and he just stopped. She said that she could tell we say no to him at home and set boundaries. Of course we do and we don't always get such a stunning reaction at home, but it was still nice to have the "right thing to do" noticed.

Henry then proceeded to show us that he might be taking after his mother's sleep habits just a little bit. On Saturday morning (after going to sleep at 7:30 the night before) he slept until just after 8:30 am. When he did wake up and i went in to him he immediately starting signing that he wanted to EAT! He hasn't slept quite so late the past few days but he's also not awakened before 7:30/7:45. Oh, if only this would continue and the new baby would one day be a late sleeper as well...

Speaking of which. The pregnancy is going along swimmingly. I'm 18 weeks tomorrow and in just a few more weeks (November 9th) we're supposed to have the big ultrasound in which we find out if we finally get to purchase tons of cute girl clothes or not. I've been feeling the baby move the past week or two and this one seems a lot more active than i remember Henry at this point (i'll have to check the archives!). When i went for my midwife appointment last week she put the doppler on my belly to hear the baby's heartbeat and thump, there it was, and then there it wasn't. She kept moving the doppler all around and as soon as she would pick the heartbeat up again (on the other side of my stomach) the baby would have been off and swimming. So, needless to say they weren't concerned with the baby's activity level.

I'll be away on a short business trip for the new few days so you'll have to excuse my mid-week hiatus.

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