17 Months, 3 Weeks, 3 Days

Bummer. I posted last night and for some reason it never published. Then i had to re-start my computer this morning and i lost my post.

To encapsulate, yesterday was therapy day. Henry did okay, but was a little bit whiny. There was some kind of mix-up and his normal therapist wasn't expecting him. So, he saw another therapist. It's unclear that he's really "bonded" with his usual therapist, but i'm sure it helps to have a familiar face, and he didn't yesterday. He was doing well walking up the stairs but he balks at going down them. We're supposed to work with him on walking on different textured surfaces, up and down inclines and on "balance beams."

It seems the toddler walk is wide-stanced and in order not to get stuck with that gait, we're supposed to encourage him to walk on something that is 12" wide, narrowing to 8". I haven't figured out how to do that at home yet, so any ideas are appreciated.

The therapist also asked Jt if we were planning on having Henry evaluated for speech therapy since he's not really talking yet. I'll talk more about this tomorrow, but for now we've decided to wait and ask his Ped her opinion when we see her in a few weeks for Henry's 18 month appointment.

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What a cute kid!!