18 Months, 1 Week, X days...

I'll get the exact count in my next post but the calendar where i keep track is all the way over there in my drawer right now...

I returned from my trip last night and although i got home earlier than i would have if it wasn't for flying standby on an earlier flight, the earlier flight had to circle Chicago relentlessly and it still felt like a very long trip. Being short on an airplane is not great (of course you could probably make a stronger argument that being tall or fat or with really long legs is not great either) because the molding of the seat doesn't correspond one iota to my actual body. My legs do reach the floor, but the part that is supposed to be lumbar support actually hits me in my middle back-- forcing me to pitch forward. It's not such a big deal on short flights and when i'm not pregnant-- throw a delay, a pregnant belly, and some persistent back-ache in and the seats feel like torture. What makes it worse of course is that Sky Mall has at least 23 products designed to ease your airplane travel. Of course i wouldn't really pay $200 for the shiatsu seat pad, but it looked tempting while we were passing the Sears Tower for the nth time.

Henry was great while i was gone. He has figured out how to get seated at his own table and chairs set by himself. He was loving his chair before but he needed help getting up into it. Then one day he just figured it out. He gets up by putting one knee and then the other on the seat and the trying to get his feet out from under him so he can sit down normally. Unfortunately for the first few days he would wind up with a leg stuck into the back of the seat or he'd slide off the side of the chair or something that left him stranded. While i was gone he appears to have mastered the whole shebang which is exciting.

We're looking forward to a visit by his grandparents this weekend and need to refresh the picture supply. Speaking of which, Henry's 17 month pictures are up (follow the current photos link to the right).

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