18 Months, 3 Weeks, 5 Days

We're looking forward to the holidays and to seeing all of our family for Christmas and Thanksgiving. I'm thinking about starting to decorate for Christmas pretty soon and justify my earlybirdness by how excited Henry has been when he's poked through the bags of Christmas decorations i've brought home after shopping. There is one restaurant we pass on the way home from daycare that has lights in the their trees and now that it's pitch black by 5, they're easy to spot. Henry loves to point them out and gets pretty excited about them.

Another thing he gets extremely excited about is airplanes. He loves to make the sign for them when he sees pictures of them, when he hears them, or when he sees them in his signing video. Lately he's taken to exclaiming "oh no!" (an all purpose exclamatory remark for him) when he sees them so we're worried he might go into airplane overload at the airport next week!

JT has been sick for the past two weeks-- off an on but mostly on. At first he just had a bad chest cold that seemed to get better after laying in bed the majority of the week. Then after a few days back at work whatever he had seemed to come back with a vengeance and just not get any better even though he was spending almost every waking moment in bed. He went to the Doctor yesterday and she said he most likely had bronchitis and prescribed him some antibiotics and cough medicine with codeine that helps him get some good rest. He's home again today but is planning on getting back to work tomorrow so that he can get some things done before we leave for Thanksgiving next week.

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