19 Months, 3 Days

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We're getting set to go on our Thanksgiving vacation and we're eager to see how Henry does at the airport and on the plane. We made the decision not to buy him a seat since JT and i both will be traveling and have at least 2 laps to offer. We'll see if that was a bad decision or not.

I did most of our Christmas decorating over the weekend so that i could take some pictures of Henry for our Christmas cards. I did two sessions and got a very good picture out of it, so i'm pleased. I managed to get decorated, get his picture taken, create and order our Christmas cards all this weekend. The leaves didn't get raked again, but i've caught a bit of JT's cold so i think it's better we just put that off a little while longer.

Henry loves the decorations and had a lot of fun playing with the ornaments. He especially likes a little airplane i bought this year. He was holding it up and making it fly while spinning around and around. He seemed perplexed when he get falling down after that-- we'll have to work on the concept of dizziness.

I probably won't post much if at all for the next week or so but i hope you all enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday and have some deserved vacation days to savor.

Here's one of the pictures that didn't quite make the cut but is extremely cute nonetheless...

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