19 Months, 1 Week, 5 Days

While we were on our trip Henry added to his overall expressiveness. Although he's been saying yes and no for awhile, he's definitely favoring no right now. He'll get on a roll and drag the n out for a long time: "nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnno!" Of course he thinks it's hysterical. Sometimes you'll ask him something that he would normally say yes to and he'll say yes and then "correct" himself, with no! just to make sure that you know you didn't trick him.

He also started making the "home alone" face without the hands slapped to the cheeks. He'll make the face when he's surprised about something, when something drops, when he drops something on purpose, when he hears a loud noise (accompanied by his hand to his ear), etc. It's a pretty cute face and helps temper the "no" annoyance.

We're headed to the Pediatrician today for his pre-op appointment. Hopefully i'll get a few questions answered and we'll be more ready for his surgery next week.

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