Back from Thanksgiving

We all got home today from our Thanksgiving week and had such a wonderful trip. We got to see both sets of Grandparents, JT's brother, and friends, so we certainly made the trip worthwhile. On the flight there we lucked out because it was only half full and Henry got his own seat. Coming home we actually volunteered to give up our seats and take the flight that left an hour later. We wound up getting 2 free tickets which we're been "spending" several times over in various trips.

Henry did enjoy looking at the planes and all the trucks and activity at the airport. It was a lot easier to keep him entertained on the plane as well, because he was interested in looking out the window and his attention span is slightly longer than 1 minute per toy like in the old days.

I'll try to catch you up on the developments of the week over the next several posts. One low point of the week was when Henry had his first real accident. He was trying to climb the stairs in his footed pajamas and i think he slipped. He bonked his nose and i think fell on it and it turned red right away. It's down low around the nostrils and didn't seem to be broken or crooked or anything more serious. He was hard to calm down for awhile and it clearly hurt but then he was touching it within the hour and running his train down in the next day, so i think we're okay. Actually by today it's looking much better, but for awhile he looked a bit like Rudolph.

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Anonymous said...

Now that is a cute picture of the little guy. I was moping around yesterday after you all left suffering from Henry withdrawal! Hope you are all doing well and healthy after your trip. We really enjoyed seeing everyone. Gran