10 Months / 2 Years, 9 Months

I think it's safe to say the dust is still settling in the bedroom shake-up. We've decided that since we don't actually need the top bunk right now we're going to take it back off. Henry and Silas' room is not very big and the tall bunk beds kind of tower over everything making the room feel like submarine sleeping quarters. Plus, although the fact that the upper bunk is lower than a normal bunked is great in the event of an unexpected fall, it lends itself to lots of bumped heads by mom and dad. So, hopefully tonight we'll take it back off and stow it away in the basement.

Both kiddos are pretty square with sleeping through the night, but, they've been engaging in all kinds of antics before finally falling asleep (Henry) or after an initial wake-up. JT said that two nights ago he had been listening to Henry chatter away but somehow something just wasnt right. He went in to check and Henry was out of bed standing next to Silas' crib trying to fix his jungle crib toy that had fallen over. Last night i got home in time to put both boys to bed. When Henry was getting in bed he told me that "baby might cry again." I told him that if Silas did cry Henry could talk to him or sing to him. Bad idea. Again we were greeted by Henry chattering and then squeals of laughter by Silas. It took awhile to settle them back down and then they were out for the night.

So, we're going to keep at this room-sharing thing. I know it will work itself out in the end but every night is an adventure.

Quick Silas update, JT said that while i was gone Silas is trying to pull up on anything and everything. He's not been successfull yet, but it's always nice to see signs of forward progress in the little ones :)

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Sheree said...

Sound like the boys are really enjoying bunking together!I shouldn't be surprised since they both are so sociable. Have fun, too. Sheree