31 Weeks

Well, i've made it to 31 weeks and concluded the end of my possible travel period this week. My doctor told me not to travel after Feb. 20th in case i were to go into early labor. So after a last trip to DC for work, which i managed to tack a baby shower on to, i'm home for good until after the baby arrives! Things continue to go well.

I had a doctor's appt this morning and i'm measuring right on, the baby is quite active (hb of 166 while i was in the office) and my blood pressure is still nice and low.

From what i can tell at this point the baby is pretty much formed, just maturing his organs and fattening up. Supposedly he weighs a little over 3 pounds at this point. We have an ultrasound scheduled next week so i'll get another glimpse at him in uetero! Posted by Hello

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