32 Weeks

During my last trip to DC i had many people comment that "i didn't look as big as i did on the website" or that i looked 'like a normal pregnant woman-- not as big as they thought." I decided that being adorned with nothing other than the incredible shrinking tank-top was skewing people's perception of my size. I decided to provide you a clothed shot as well as the standard belly shot so that you could see for yourself. Of course this weekend most of my shirts stopped covering my belly so it might be a futile exercise.

At 32 weeks i've learned the baby is approximately 4 pounds and that i can expect to gain a pound a week from here on out-- funny, i think that has already been happening! But, don't give me a hard time because i'm told that roughly half that weight goes straight to the baby.

I've also been told that the baby may stop moving as much because quarters are getting a little cramped-- however that change has yet to manifest. What is happening is the little sucker punches are coming harder and more in one spot so that now i can only describe what feels like being bruised from the inside-- something to query my doctor about next week.

I have an ultrasound, probably our last, tomorrow morning so hopefully i'll have one more picture to share in-utero. Posted by Hello

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