2 weekends in a row i've been blessed with the good-fortune of attending baby showers thrown in my honor by friends. Last weekend while in DC, my friends threw a co-ed shower for me that provided a great opportunity to bring my friends and family together to offer best wishes for the new baby and lots of wonderful baby gear.

This weekend, back in Chicago for good, i had a small "ladies-only" tea shower at a local tea shop. We sampled the full high tea and then enjoyed playing a few "intellectual" baby games and opening all kinds of wonderful baby gifts.

Luckily the last shower ended by the early afternoon because i've been afforded a 3-day weekend to tackle wrapping up all the remaining baby item loose ends. We're down to the real odds and ends, but i'm looking forward to having everything on my list checked off. Of course i don't know what i'm going to find to occupy myself for these last two months-- hopefully the weather will warm up soooner than usual in Chicago so i can get outdoors more! I hope to have some baby room pictures up soon so you can see what kind of progress we're making in there. In the meantime, here's a picture from the shower in which i'm trying on the baby clothes for size-- looks like i've got some postpartem work to do to fit into the 6 month size. Posted by Hello

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