33 Weeks

Okay, so the 33 week clothed picture isn't going to win any fashion awards, but give me a break-- i've come down with a cold. I've been around nothing but sick people for over a month so i've actually been impressed that i've managed to hold it off this long. I laid low all weekend but i'm still feeling under the weather. I'm planning to take Monday off from work and hopefully will start to mend-- we'll see how much vitamin C i can consume between now and then.

I'm also not sure that the polar fleece "tent" i'm wearing helps prove my point that i'm not really as big as the pictures look. This is Jt's pullover but one of the only things that still covers my belly. Oh well, 7 weeks to go!

The baby is supposed to be a little over 4 pounds and about 17 inches long. He's moving around all the time now and new and strange aches and pains make their presence known every day. I have another Dr. appt tomorrow with one of the other 4 doctors in my OB's practice. I've been doing a lot of reading about childbirth so i have a million and one questions.
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