32 Week Ultrasound

As i mentioned, i had an ultrasound this morning. The technician was not my usual tech and wound up forgetting to tell me the things i like to find out-- heartbeat, estimated weight, etc, but she verified it's a boy and he's doing fine. She took this picture of the baby's face for us.

I've zoomed in a bit so that you might be able to make it out. You're looking at the face spot-on. You might be able to make out an eye on the left, the nose and his lips below. The blobby thing below his chin is his hand.

I think it looks a little like finding the Virgin Mary's face emblazened on a piece of toast. JT's reaction was that he looked ghoulish-- i was just happy he looks kind of chubby. I guess we'll just have to bide our time to see what he'll really look like. Posted by Hello

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