We're having a baby... soon

Over the last 9 months i've had several occasions on which the impact of what being pregnant means has hit me-- we're about to become parents. But as i've gotten bigger and the focus has been more on me and my body, i've had fewer of these realizations. Today at my doctor appointment when my Dr. reiterated that i wouldn't be allowed to go post-date, i felt like everything became very clear-- one way or another we'll have a son in 3 weeks or less.

Mostly, i'm excited about this finality and it sure makes planning my leave schedule at work a lot easier. Part of me however, feels like we're staring down the barrel of a rifle and i just can't quite know what to expect on the other side. Although i'm a meticulous planner, i'm also most happy doing rather than over-thinking. I believe that when faced with our infant son we'll do just fine and figure things out one way or another. But with three weeks to think about how everything will work or won't work, it alternatively feels like an eternity and just too little time.

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