Back to the Routine

After getting back into the swing of things after the holidays for a few days, i took a 4-day weekend solo-trip to OK to attend my Grandmother's 80th birthday party and see family. We had a really nice weekend together and my Grandmother's party was lovely-- although threatened by a town-wide power outage less than 2 hours from the start of the party. By all accounts, Henry and JT enjoyed a fun boys weekend together and now we're all back and trying to catch up on work and in general get back into a routine.

I took Henry in to the Dr. today as the lower GI problems that have been plaguing him are still around and last night i had to change his diaper twice in the middle of the night. The Dr. checked him all out and said he is just fine and that the problem is still post-infection diahrrea. She said that actually it can last 6 weeks and it is sometimes just really hard to get rid of. She also said that it will just very slowly get better rather than one day being normal again. So, we're slugging it out for a few more weeks hoping to at least slow the number of nasty diapers we're seeing a day.

In developmental updates, Henry is obsesses with his legos. He got a set for Christmas from the Tricoli family and he's been playing with them pretty steadily for the past few days. He's actually gotten really good and building little towers and being able to take them apart again. Toting the lego bucket around and putting other treasures in it is great fun too! Brenda tells me he plays with them all the time at daycare as well. She said that when she's put them away he'll walk over to the bin and take them out one by one while he smiles at her, as if his smile blinds her.

You might remember that Henry went through a "suddenly afraid of the bath" phase. He seems to be going through a "suddenly afraid of loud noises" phase. Until recently, he loved to hear dogs barking outside. He would get excited and pointedly do the dog sign. Now he cowers and tries to cover his ears and says dog in a really whiny voice. He's just been more sensative to other noises as well-- getting freaked out when Dad comes up the stairs, or the space heater is on. I'm going to check with Brenda to make sure nothing happened that we don't know about, but otherwise i assume he'll outgrow it soon.

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