Henry, giving his squirrel a drink of water...

We all had a pretty busy week and i for one am quite pleased it's the weekend. We don't have a lot of plans this weekend, but i did find out my Mom will be coming in to Chicago for a conference and will be able to spend Sunday afternoon with us. Of course that's the day of the big Bears Football game and a predicated 1-4 inches of snow, so hopefully the gods are smiling on us that day.

Brenda told me that she thinks Henry is in a growth spurt. She said that at daycare he used to be very picky about what he ate but now he's eating everything. I wouldn't go that far to describe his activity at home, but he is definitely in a more "exploratory" mood lately. Last night JT didn't get home until late so Henry and i stopped off at our local taco joint to get a burrito and some rice and beans to take home with us. A long time ago Henry loved rice and beans and then somewhere over the summer he decided he was no longer interested and wouldn't even try them when they were offered. Last night he went to town on the rice and ate a decent amount of the beans after he saw that i was eating them as well.

He seems to go in eating cycles so i'm sure he'll be back to eating on crackers before we can fully appreciate this little blip.

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