Today Henry and i had our first swim lesson in about a year. I decided that if Henry and i were going to take a class--now is the time to do it before Silas arrives. Depending on how much of an adjustment period we need with Silas, i'd like to sign Henry up for a gym-type class in either the summer or next fall. But, for now it's just Henry and i and my big pregnant belly swimming around.

Henry was really excited at first about his bathing suit (with sharks) and his swim diaper (with fish). Then he got scared of the noise of the showers as we walked through them to the pool. He had kind of a typical Henry first class-- most of it he was gritting his teeth and clinging very closely to me but at the end when i asked him if he wanted to get out he said "no." He did warm up as the class went on and certain things he really enjoyed so i'm hoping that by the end of our 7 week session he'll be fairly comfortable.

I know i need to take some more pictures-- so i don't have one for today. I did upload the 18 and 19 month pictures on yahoo and as soon as i get my Dad's Christmas pictures i'll have some new cute ones to share!

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