End of an Era...

We officially retired Henry's "birds" yesterday. This is a crib-dohicky that we received from his grandparents before Henry was even born. I remember being a little skeptical but it turned out to be something that really helped Henry learn to sleep through the night. As he got older, he would simply activate the birds and music when he woke up in the middle of the night, and would usually fall back to sleep on his own.

Now it's not that he no longer needs it anymore, it just that it finally bit the dust. We noticed that it seemed to be sucking down 4 D cell batteries more and more quickly until a few days after i installed brand new ones it was playing the sluggish version of it's music and the lights were really dim. I thought it might be going and JT confirmed that one time he couldn't get it to turn off.

So, we replaced it with the rainfall version that appears to be the new one. Henry went crazy over it when he woke up from naptime yesterday and we had it out for him to play with. He LOVES monkeys and just kept exclaiming over the animated monkey on this one. After some difficulties falling asleep last night he slept like a rock overnight so hopefully we're back in our good sleeping groove!

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