Nature Museum

After recovering from a 36-hour stomach bug that hit on Friday, Henry and I enjoyed a really nice MLK-day morning at the nature museum. We started our visit in the butterfly room and although it took me awhile to adjust to the 80 degree temps, Henry was so interested in all the butterflies and flowers that were everywhere he looked. We spent awhile in there getting acclimated to seeing butterflies everywhere we looked and then went on to explore other areas of the museum.
You never really know what's going to scare Henry and other than the loud fans at the start and conclusion of the butterfly room (to make sure you don't have any butterflies leaving with you) Henry had a ball. He LOVED the life-size dioramas they had that you could walk through. One had a huge buffalo, one a deer and the other all kinds of different sized birds. He liked them so much we walked back through them a second time. In fact he walked by himself the whole time we were in the museum which was great because i got to use the stroller to push around our huge coats we had used to brave the snowstorm on the way over.
Henry probably liked the "riverways" exhibit the best which consisted on several different fish tanks as well as a whole room-size riverway that kids could play in. After we snagged a stool Henry happily played with a little green boat in the river water for as long as i would let him.
We finished with some time in this crazy kids-room where there were a zillion kids and lots of climbing equipment and kid-sized boats, etc. We happened to be there when it was time for a story and Henry sat right up in the front row and listened intently. He looked back a few times to see i was there and just flashed a huge grin. After the story was over he was ready to walk some more so we headed back out to the main part of the museum and walked and then sat and had a snack. About that time i was exhausted so we got ready to brave the snow again and head home.
Henry's "napping" now but he was talking to himself and giggling like crazy a good 30 minutes after i put him down, so we'll see if he really gets much sleep.

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Anonymous said...

What an adorable picture- I see a lot of you, Tamra in this one. Tom and I would like to go to that museum sometime!I have a thing for butterflies. Glad you are feeling better!Love you all!