Henry digging the bath and all his new toys-- thanks Eric and Kai!

Today Henry had his first time-out. When i came to pick him up Brenda told me she had a funny story. She said that Henry was hitting another child and when she told him to stop he paused, looked at her and hit again. So she told him he needed to get into the time-out chair. She said that as soon as she sat him down he got up looked at her like she was crazy and defiantly got up and walked off. This repeated two more times until he finally got the idea and sat there. She said he looked at her like "but you're supposed to be my friend" but stayed there the whole minute.

I told her we hadn't tried it at home yet, because we weren't sure if it was too early (plus it's easier to just distract him at home where he's the only child we're dealing with*) but that i was glad it had ultimately worked and that she had gotten Henry used to the idea. Henry definitely seems to get overexcited and aggressive when he's around a lot of people-- we saw some of this at the holidays and i'm sure at daycare sometimes the stimulation just turns him into a crazy monster. I'm always amazed at how calm Brenda is, so i'm sure she'll help him through this phase.

I told Henry in the car that Brenda wasn't being mean, just helping him learn the rules. I'm sure we'll have to have that conversation just a few more times.

In (tempered) good news, Henry slept all the way through the night last night for the first time in probably a month. Between his surgical recovery, diarrhea and a recent cold, i've been trudging up and down the stairs up to 3 times a night for a month now. There's a reason the new baby is going to be up here with us and this up and down stairs stuff stinks. As i mentioned Henry slept last night from 7:30 to 7:30 this morning. He moaned a few times at 6 and then went back to sleep. Unfortunately tonight he seems to be having some trouble sleeping because between 7:30-9:00 i've been in there 4 times. Hopefully he's getting all his rocks out now and once i turn in he'll really be asleep.

* for approximately 12 more weeks that is. I had my midwife appointment today and everything looks good and i'm measuring right on. The baby's heartbeat was strong and clear and my crazy weight gain slowed a little which is good. I know i should enjoy it now because sometime around 35 weeks last time my face and the rest of my body ballooned out. For now i just have a gigantic pregnant belly which is decently easy to deal with.


Anonymous said...

Yay! I hope he makes a big wet mess with them for you and JT to clean up! :) Kai

Melissa said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I was just posting about mine over at the BHN and thought I would catch up with everybody else. You're about four weeks ahead of me so I'll be watching this site for tips on how to deal with two!

Melissa said...

Oops--just realized I don't know when you're due (I mis-read the post titles). But I think you're still ahead of me if you already know what you're having. Anyway, congratulations again!