Baby Blue Eyes

As i mentioned, i've been intently studying Silas' eyes lately after two readers commented that a recent picture looked like his eyes were turning brown. I think this latest picture shows that they're as blue as ever, and i promise i didn't photoshop them.

I also realized that i never posted about Silas' 4 month appointment, so today is going to be a pretty-much all Silas news day. He was up to 26" long which is still 95% percentile and weighed-in at 14 lbs. 10 oz. That puts him in the 50% percentile which is down a bit from previous visits, but the Dr. indicated that it was nothing to worry about because babies that start out big, are not necessarily intended to become giants-- they do some amount of settling into their genetically programmed size in the first many months. I'm a little paranoid because of the growth trouble we had with Henry, but for now i'm believing the Dr. that nothing is awry. Silas had to get another 4 shots, but he has done incredibly well with his vaccinations so far. He cries obviously when he gets the shot, but immediately after when you pick him up he quiets down and hasn't been affected afterwards really. It's nice and i'm grateful.

He's also started holding onto toys pretty well and is quite successfull at reaching for things and hitting his mark nowadays. Because of that his interest in toys is piqued, although people still remain his favorite thing to interact with. I mentioned that i'm enrolling Henry in a gymnastics class for the fall. Silas doesn't get off too easy, because we are going to take a music class with Kerala and Corey. Silas really seems to enjoy music and responds to it much more than Henry did when he was this age, and the class will be a nice time for me to spend some one-on-one time with him.

Wrapping up Silas news, is the fact that he's finally started rolling over in *front* of us. I've seen him do it in bed and when he's playing. Just in the last few days he's upped his finger-sucking to actual thumb-sucking and this morning he sat-up unassisted for a little bit (before toppling over). So many developments, so much to document!

Finally, finally, i'm open to suggestions for what you'd like to see on the sidebars. Silas' sleep isn't quite the rollercoaster it was for awhile so the sleep log is less entertaining for you the readers (although much more fulfilling for me the mom). Henry's expressions are harder to log because he talks all the time and more and more in complete sentences. So, i'm open to suggestion. Leave me a comment and let me know what you'd like to know about us and i'll see if i can't find a fun way to work it into the site.

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I love any and all you put in the blog, so I have no sugesstions for improvements for you- just a big thank you for your faithfulness in blogging! Sheree/Oma/Mom