Laying Low

I know my posting frequency has been a little bit off lately, and for those of you salivating for Henry/Silas news, i apologize. It's just that between JT's trip and me getting sick again (wait did i ever get better?) it's been challenging to find time to post-- plus i don't want to sound like a downer. We had a very low-key weekend because my cold somehow started getting worse, and Henry was running a fever and had stomach troubles on Saturday. JT smoked brisket and pulled pork all night Friday in anticipation of a bbq we were planning but we decided with the pox on our house we should call the gathering off. Consider this an announcement to anyone in the vicinity that we have meat to spare-- just give me a holler and i'll fix you up a container.

We had planned to get together with Tab and her kids today to head to their super-fun pool. But between me and the thunderstorms, we called it off as well. So really, you could say things were kind of a bust. JT took Henry on a few walks today because after going to bed at 6:30 last night he was all better and rearing to go. Silas is a little stuffy but seems fine otherwise. I'm heading to bed now and will hopefully feel better in the morning. Thankfully i see a new herbalist tomorrow. Placebo or not, i'm looking to her for some relief!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you are all feeling better this week. Sounds like it was time for a battery recharge for you and Henry!

Take care of each other. Love, Gran