Single Parenting

Thankfully JT comes home today after being out of town several days. I can honestly tell you that if was the single-parent of two small children i would a) be seriously sleep-deprived and b) not be a very nice person. It hasn't helped that i've been dealing with round two of the sniffles, but this getting up early thing is for the birds (or the Daddy as our case may be.) This morning Silas and Henry woke up at 5:30 and although i told Henry it was still the middle of the night and made him stay in bed, i don't think he slept anymore and he was definitely calling out for me by about 6.

Although i'm exhausted, Silas is doing pretty well on the sleep front. Two nights ago he went to sleep without a peep and only woke up very briefly at 1:30. Last night he cried a little bit-- about 15-20 minutes, but slept through until 5:30 before stirring. I'm thankful for that at least.

Related to sleep, we got new beds at the old homestead-- both for us and for the guest room. This should make staying with us more enjoyable-- or at least restful. Anybody have any need for a 20 year + full mattress and box springs? Yeah, i'd say we were due for an upgrade! We sprung for a Queen size bed and the additional room is easy to get used to. Now i can have JT, the cat and Silas all sleeping in bed with me and not feel like i have to be razor thin to fit.

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