Happy 5 Months Silas!

Having two little ones makes life busy, don't get me wrong. But i think we've managed to not feel as harried as is often the assumption given JT and i both work full-time and have two little boys under three. I have noticed that life has picked up the pace now that i'm back at work, so i'm not suggesting that i'm spending hours in a hammock. I do however think that that working from home, not having a commute, JT's equal share in parenting, and two layed-back children, makes for a busy and fulfilling life that i wouldn't characterize as "out of control." I have a sense that the really busy times will come when the kids are a little older, in school, and busy with homework and their various interests. We'll have to figure out ways to manage all the competing demands at that point, but i'm sure we'll work something out when we get there-- or you'll hear me complaining about it here.

The torrential rains and thunderstorms finally let up this weekend, and we got to take advantage of one of the last two official weekends of summer by going with the Pendleton family out to their fancy pool and closing out Sunday with a bbq at our house. Just to give you an idea of JT's idea of an "easy Sunday bbq," the menu consisted of Thai-style bbq chicken, Thom ka soup (thai coconut milk-soup with mushrooms and shrimp), and sauteed asparagus. Tiffany gave me some great ideas for the basement revamp i'm planning and i hope to start tackling some of the projects in the next few weeks.

Although the month isn't quite over, i loaded photos from August onto Picasa.

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Anonymous said...

What a cute picture of Silas! I believe I detect Linda's big blue eyes! Hugs...