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How could i resist posting again when i'm awash in wonderful pictures of my little ones? U do find we wind up with many more pictures of active Henry than Silas who's mostly still laying around. I'm trying to keep him in the mix though, i promise.

In addition to seeing the acupuncturist/herbalist to bolster my wimpy immune system, i'm also trying some new things to help me be able to fall asleep easier. For as long as i can remember it has taken me an eternity to fall asleep at night. In the past few years it's turned into a bonafide problem-- i often top an hour before i actually fall asleep-- even on nights that i:
-didn't drink anything caffeinated after 3 pm
-exercised (but not within 2 hours of bedtime)
-turned the tv off within an hour of bedtime
-read for a little while before trying to go to sleep.

So in addition to the nightly benadryl i'm taking for the time being, i'm trying a few other things that are decidedly more new-agey. I'm not kept awake by stress-related thoughts, but by exciting plans and projects-- often garden or home-decorating/renovating in nature. I wind up hitting on a project and become consumed thinking through all the details-- from design to implementation. I try to put the thoughts out of my head, but it's nigh impossible.

So, i'm trying to journal as many project ideas before i lay down so my brain has less to work with. I'm also experimenting with guided relaxation cds, to get myself as close to comatose as possible before my brain starts going nuts. Ania, my acupuncturist, recommended a technique i think she called "acknowledge the snowflake before it becomes an avalanche." You basically say "yes i'm thinking about installing special shelves for my shoes in the closet" and move on to another thought before you find yourself compelled to get out of bed and measure your closet's South wall.

Oh, but this blog is about the children you say? Well, it's important that i get my sleep so that i can be a good mom. And Henry woke up at 5:45 this morning, so sleep is on my mind.

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